Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Her Shoes

Guilt. Jealousy. Self-discovery. Family ties. And un-ties.

IN HER SHOES follows Rose and Maggie, sisters who "have nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, DNA, and a shoe size." Big sister, Rose has the brains. She's a Princeton graduate with a successful law career and a somber size 14 wardrobe. Maggie has the beauty. With her boyfriend-installed D-cups and 106-pound perfect body, she struggles against a learning disability to make it in life.

After a twist of fate causes Maggie to move in with Rose, things come to a head. Their priorities put them constantly at odds. Rose can't get Maggie to act responsibly, and Maggie can't force Rose to spice up her wardrobe. Still, they each admire the other for the things they themselves can not acheive.

One night, Maggie narrowly avoids being assaulted by a pair of drunk good Samaritans. This snowballs into a fight that causes Maggie to move out of Rose's apartment and her life. In the months that follow, they each come to discover the side of themselves they had neglected, and flourish in their own right.

Now a major motion picture starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, IN HER SHOES examines female relationships within the family. The characters instantly resonate with the insecurities women share. Readers plunge with their defeats and soar with their triumphs.

If you're looking for a heartwarmign family saga, then this is the novel for you.

-Claire Dawn

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moonrat said...

I don't read a ton in this genre--contemporary commercial fiction, I guess you'd call it--but I'm loyal to Jennifer Weiner! She grew up in my tiny hometown; we had the same charismatic English teacher. I love seeing other people enjoy her books.