Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stephanie Bond/IN A BIND

A week of supposed no-strings sex threatens to become something more.

I'm not usually into straight-on romance novels and this one had some of the characteristics that tend to annoy me (immediate sex, misunderstandings that a few casual questions would have cleared up) and also my main hot button: cheaters who get to prosper. (I really want to see a cheater truly get what s/he deserves for once... maybe I need to write that book myself?)

But I did enjoy it, because I thought the main characters were interesting and real. The heroine was struggling with her guilt over what she was doing and I believed her. The ending didn't tie up absolutely every loose end, which worked for me as well.

This book is part of a series: ten years ago, college women wrote letters to their future selves describing their sexual fantasies, and the professor has mailed them the letters and they decide to act on those fantasies. Interesting concept, I think. If I'm in a romance-reading mood, I'll check out more of her books.

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