Thursday, December 10, 2009


An actuary and a race car driver pretend to be dating to fool the driver's ex-wife but it may become more than pretense.

Another romance. Being an ebook, it's difficult to tell for sure, but I think this is a novella not a full novel. While I liked both characters, their development wasn't as rich as I'd have liked, and their relationship went from "she likes him but he won't commit" to "we're together" so fast I scrolled back in the book to see if I'd missed something.

I hadn't.

I'm not clear on what stopped him from committing and what changed his mind, and from what I know about romances (admittedly not a lot) I SHOULD be clear on those things. But I enjoyed a lot of the situations in which the characters found themselves and since my husband likes NASCAR it was interesting to read a book set in that world.

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