Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AN ECHO IN THE BONE - Diana Gabaldon

SPOILERS (if you are and OUTLANDER fan):

The last time we saw Claire and Jamie, Brianna and Roger had to return to 1960s America because their daughter, Amanda, needed heart surgery. Claire and Jamie had not yet decided on his role for the American Revolution.

It is 1777, and they decide to go to Scotland. What? This goes against everything that Jamie stands for as a fighter.

Of course, things happen (which reflect other books - seriously, could they have one boat trip without a problem?), and they end up Ticonderoga. However, the reader does not get to find out about Claire and Jamie - the beloved characters of this series - until practically a third of the way through the book (except a passing mention). Gabaldon has created the "song that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friends." She adds characters and plots until there is too much, overwhelming the original love for the original characters.

The other books about Lord John are combined into this one, along with the story of William (which was unbearably long and boring). More new characters from that tedious line. More impossible plot twists that will ensure another three decades of these books. Completely unrealistic and uncharacteristic endings to prior plots.

This pains me. If you are interested in the series, read the first three books. After that, it feels like she found the money train and just hopped on. I'm heading to another station, sistah.

1.75 out of 5.0 Bonesetters.


Pamala Knight said...

I'm so sad to hear this because I truly love the first three books, but I stopped reading after the Fiery Cross. Even I couldn't take the angst anymore, poor Jamie suffers far too long and too much.

Another friend encouraged me to finish and I admit that Ms. Gabaldon weaves history into her storyline so beautifully and the writing is witty. But I just want Clare and Jamie to find a place to co-exist in a reasonably peaceful manner so that they can die together. Preferably at the same time (bolt of lightning or runaway carriage, etc.) to finish the series.

Thanks for the review.

Tere Kirkland said...

Yeah, the last one kind of annoyed me, even though I loved the first three. I hate to say an author should just let a series die, but...

I probably won't search this one out like I did "A Breath of whatever and whatever"

Emo Girl said...

so sad! I loved the first three! and seriously - don't these people ever have a boring day?

Kristin Dodge said...

I agree about the history and storyline, but this time, there are too many coincidences. Like she meets Benedict Arnold. Really?

After the first two books came out, I actually met Diana Gabaldon. She said that she knew the end (remember the Scot that Frank ran into, looking through the window at Claire in book 1) and it would be a six book series. Everyone knew it had to be Jamie, time traveling to find Claire, but now... Like you, Pamala, I would like them to die together, but I don't know if I will read the books.

Oh, I am just waiting to be skewered by the die-hard fans of her work...

Pamala Knight said...


I knew it was Jamie that Frank saw in the first book, but wasn't he a ghost? Frank says something about the Highlander being almost rude and dismissive of him and he saw him staring up at Claire in the window. Hmm...

Well, now that you've got the inside scoop I won't read anymore, I'll just harangue you to tell me how it all turns out. *grins*

But whatever happens, I can't read anymore because if something bad and horrible can happen to them, then it does. So, I'm out. BUT still a big fan of books one through three and I'll just consider them the Outlander 'trilogy' and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

I also loved the first three books, read them numerous times. Persevered with books four onwards. Now wish I had given up. This last one is dreadful. Bitty, boring, rushed almost as though it was written with only half a mind on the job.The ending was a joke, she must have just run out of time & needed to meet the publication deadline. Think she needs to read the first three books herself again before attempting another sequel. Oh that and also get a new editor, too many discrepancies in the basic story.