Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Winner, by David Baldacci

The Winner
by, David Baldacci
1998, Grand Central Publishing
528 pages
ISBN: 978-0446522595

David Baldacci proved his mastery of the modern thriller with Absolute Power and Total Control. The Winner was released in 1998 and looked to continue the Baldacci brand of storytelling. Destitute waitress LuAnn Tyler lives a ramshackle existence with her newborn daughter in a poverty stricken southern town. At least that’s the case until she is approach by a man named Jackson who promises her the unthinkable – a certain win in the national lottery of $100 million dollars. Her conscience tells her to say no, but before she can, events conspire to make Jackson’s offer the only hope for LuAnn and her daughter. At the time, Jackson’s conditions are acceptable, but ten years later, LuAnn decides to defy those conditions to take back her life with the hopes that the seemingly invincible puppet-master Jackson will be none the wiser.

The Winner drags a bit early on as it tries to flesh out every thought of every character, but once the action gets going, it is intense and fun. You will root for LuAnn, but just like her, you won’t always know who is on her side. Baldacci is at his best when he is putting his characters in deadly situations where they don’t know where the trouble is coming from and they need to find that one hole to squeeze through to safety – and The Winner offers that up more than once. The story could have been a bit tighter and there were moments where the plot stretched believability to the edge. However, this is frankly when Baldacci is at his best. Baldacci’s stories are like McDonald’s Big Macs – you know they aren’t fine dining, but you love them for what they are. All in all, Baldacci provides exactly what should be expected from his novels - a thrill-ride of a story that keeps the pages turning.

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Jm Diaz said...

I have never read a Baldacci book. For some reason, I always equated him with John Grisham. I'm not much of a fan of his books. However, this review, with its honest portrayal of flaws on the Baldacci novel, has made me consider him as an author to check out.


dyanna said...

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james said...

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