Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sarah Rees Brennan/THE DEMON'S LEXICON

When Nick's brother Alan gets marked for death by a demon, the two must find and kill the magician responsible in order to save Alan. In tow and making things more complicated are a brother and sister with the same problem. Nick has the tricky task of helping these novices while trying not to fall for the girl, whom his brother already has his eye on.

The magic is involved and interesting, the action scenes satisfying. But this book is really about the tense, overly-dependent relationship between Nick and the brother who has practically raised him--Nick's only friend amidst a harsh landscape of evil magicians and soul-hungry demons. The angst is so thick as to be exhausting, the tension relieved only by scenes in which someone is wielding a sword. The love connections are myriad: Nick and the girl, Alan and the girl, Nick and the girl's brother?, the girl and her brother?, Nick and Alan?? The style is good, the dialog is very often hilarious. The ending is really interesting, and two more books will follow.

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lakeviewer said...

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Jolie said...

Oh! I'm so glad to hear somebody else here has read this book. I enjoyed it muchly and want to add my own post to The Book Book soon.

Cheryl said...

I'll be interested to hear your take.