Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just to let you know - Cut Short is now available. It will launch tonight at Waterstones in Islington Green 6.30-8pm and Waterstones in Harrow 9th July 6.30-8pm. You are welcome to come along and join in the celebrations! Please see my publisher's website for a schedule of my book signings and author talks around the country.
I'm also running a virtual book signing on my blog
Cut Short is the first in a brand new series of British crime thrillers. I hope it receives a favourable review here! I can't remember if I've sent a review copy to anyone on The Book Book but would love to do so. Please contact me with details of where to send it and I'll put a signed copy in the post - first come first served.


Jane Steen said...

Nice advertising, English, but 'tis no book review.

Leigh Russell said...

This is true, Jane - but I can't really review my own book - I was hoping someone else might?
I've had a review in the Watford Observer. I won't reproduce it all here but here's the first two paragraphs:

Hertfordshire author Leigh Russell's debut crime novel is a surefire hit 25th June 2009

By Melanie Dakin »

Crime writing isn’t the easiest of genres for a new writer to cut their teeth on, but 55-year-old teacher and mum of two Leigh Russell has got the knack from the off. Leigh’s debut novel Cut Short, published Harpenden based No Exit Press, is a taut, slick, easy to read thriller, presented in a pocket-sized volume made up of manageably brief chapters for you to dip into while on the go or settle down with at the end of the day and really get stuck in.

It should come as no surprise that Leigh has a masters degree in English and has gone on to teach the subject for the majority of her working career in schools across Hertfordshire; but it’s still fascinating to hear her say she “stumbled into writing” when faced with a first work that’s so accomplished.