Friday, June 12, 2009


A graphic novel with the soul of film noir, Berry's beautifully illustrated story follows a disenchanted private eye named Britten. Britten's history of investigating cheaters and delivering the bad news has earned him the reputation "Heartbreaker" and has left him with little to live for. He takes on a murder case, the only thing he'll get out of bed for anymore, when a young woman tells him her fiance's suicide death looks more like foul play.

Britten pokes around a gloomy city perpetually misted with rain, maintaining his deadpan demeanor. He's assisted by his "partner" Brulightly, really just a teabag to which the private eye explains his thoughts and channels back a wicked sense of humor.

The plot is thick, the gray and brown images lovely, the weightiness punctuated by occasional dark humor. The ending rounds out the character's quest for meaning in his gritty job but didn't feel completely justified to me. Still, the writing is spot-on and worth a read.


freddie said...

This looks excellent. On my wishlist!

Cheryl said...

I hope you like it.