Wednesday, June 24, 2009

THE EMBERS - Hyatt Bass

Death, family tragedy, dysfunctional relationships - all of the makings of a great Russian novel. Unfortunately, this is the debut fiction of Hyatt Bass, a book that has been glorified by many reviewers.

Not this one.

After 63 pages, I grew exhausted by the whiny, self-absorbed characters. The plot could have pulled me deeper into this tornado, but a quick flip proved that there would be no redemption, just frustration. My wall has enough dents from past clunkers.


Leigh Russell said...

Not one to read then. Unless a book is exceptionally well written (as in Ian McEwan for example) than it has to be a page turner for me. I hate books that leave me thinking "so what?"
I wonder what the other reviews found to enthuse about?

Kristin Dodge said...

The author wrote and directed a film. I think that created a buzz about this novel. Still, the emperor has no clothes!