Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christianity Tody International/FAITH AND POP CULTURE

Eight articles from the magazine Christianity Today are presented along with questions to prompt group discussion about the intersection of Christian faith and pop culture. Some of the ideas will be familiar to twenty-somethings who've already been immersed in idea of maintaining a faith that is relevant to modern culture. For example, some of the articles discuss how religious themes can be found in films and TV shows.

However, there is so much material for discussion that readers are bound to find something new. Some of the ideas that I found interesting: playing sports is a way of honoring the Sabbath, ministering to Hollywood is more helpful than condemning it, entertainment doesn't have to be an end to itself but a vehicle for uplifting one's spirit, and an excess of entertainment can be over-stimulating.

Bible verses are applied to each discussion, but these aren't really Bible studies. Enough questions are provided to sustain in-depth discussions. The suggested group activities are fun too--like watching a scene from an inspiring sports movie or guessing what each group member might write a book about.

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Alexander Field said...

Great review for such a different book. I've always had a hard time with nonfiction anthologies unless there's some underlying theme of some kind...who knows, perhaps a study is the way to tie them all together. : )

Cheryl said...

Yeah, it's an approach that seems obvious for articles in a faith-based magazine. Wouldn't really work for essays of another type, probably.