Friday, March 6, 2009

ME VS. ME/Sarah Mlynowski

If you're looking for a deep read, this is not it. However, this chick lit book has more going on than meets the eye.

Gabby has been offered her dream job in New York, but the night before she leaves Arizona her boyfriend Cam proposes. He has already made it clear he won't leave Arizona, so Gabby has a choice: her dream job or Cam. She wishes on a shooting star that she won't have to choose, and that's what happens.

She ends up living a day in New York, then waking up the next morning and living the same day in Arizona. Back and forth, she lives her two lives, dealing with career and roommate issues in New York as a newly single woman and with the mother-in-law-to-be from hell in Arizona.

This sort of book often makes me angry at the doormat nature of the main character, but while Gabby was undoubtedly a doormat in Arizona, she quickly (but not unrealistically so) developed a spine in New York, which made her far more interesting to me.

Another interesting choice by the author: Gabby knew about her two lives. This meant that she could try things to see if she could influence one world by her actions in another, which added to the plot.

I was pretty sure I knew how it would end but there was a nice twist I wasn't expecting, which I appreciated.

Overall, a fun light read and good for "how would I handle this?" speculation.

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Jolie said...

Oh, dear. Sounds a bit like my own life.