Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ever wonder how depression affects your brain? Or how to alter your brain chemistry to dampen anxiety? This book provides an overview of, and methods for dealing with, several different types of common problems in the brain, including ADD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and rage.

Henslin writes in an accessible style that sometimes borders on being condescending, with plenty of cheesy humor thrown in. But his explanations of how different areas of the brain function are easy to understand and remember. For example, he calls the Basal Ganglia (the area of the brain that alerts us to danger) the "Basement of Great Fears," and discusses how trauma can cause old fears to get "stuck" in the brain.

Most of this book serves as a sort of self-help guide. It even includes a questionnaire to help the reader discover which kind of problem she might suffer from. Henslin discusses several available treatments in the form of medication, nutrition, vitamin supplements, exercise, bible verses, and more. For example, a person suffering from excessive anxiety might be soothed by complex carbohydrates as well as meditation on gratitude.

This book doesn't go very far in depth on matters of brain anatomy, and it doesn't discuss religious matters as much as you might expect it to considering it's published by a Christian house. But it's a good overview of the brain's role in common emotional problems.


moonrat said...

Hmm, looks interesting... Thanks for the review. The brain is SO fascinating. I'm not sure I care too much for the self-help aspects, but...

Cheryl said...

If you care to understand some of the quirks of your brain, it might be interesting. But it's definitely not an in-depth look at the brain--it's not an academic approach.

Dr. Earl R. Henslin said...

Thanks for your insightful review of my book! Blessings!!
With Respect,
Dr. Earl R Henslin