Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Outrageous Fortune, Tim Scott

Reading this book was painful.  It's so much easier when a piece of writing is completely awful, with no redeeming characteristics..  Then you can stick your tongue out at it and move on.  But this if different.  Tim Scott had a good idea, and then he went and screwed it up, which is a crying shame, because good ideas are few and far between these days.

The basic premise of the novel is as follows: some dude lives in a future where music companies have taken over the government.  He designs dreams for a living, and at the beginning of the book, his house is stolen.

See?  That's wacky!  It's funny!  Too bad it goes downhill from there.  The Douglas-Adamsish adventures of the protagonist are increasingly bogged down by a point
less, irrelevant and badly executed subplot about The Power of Friendship (TM).  There is a brilliant twist at the end, which could have brought the book to a wonderful close, but Tim Scott insisted on cramming in one last sermon on the importance of Being Yourself and Sticking With It, which fits just as well with the rest of the book as this image
does with the rest of this book review.

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