Sunday, January 11, 2009

"The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You"

OK, while I might be a "medical nightmare" (my husband's words, not mine), I am now an official "hypochondriac." At least, according to the test given at the beginning of this book. There is hope for me, and others like me. Read this book. As Dr. House always says, "It's not lupus." Or bradycardia. Or a multitude of things.

However, the book admits that it could have the opposite reaction with readers, and people may find new reasons why their necks hurt when they turn them all the way around. Still, if you read it with a handful of salt (with its "if you have blank, you might have blank" style), it's a great one to leave out at family functions.

2.75 out of 5.0 Grateful Deads.


Rebecca said...

Great review. I have also been dubbed "a walking pharmacy" and "a medical encyclopedia". These types of books can really make you think you have everything...but you could have something and not know it. Always best to check with a professional. I love the idea of setting it out at gatherings. Hilarious.

LisaMay said...

Awesome! Great review :)

Lisa May

kathleen duey said...

The idea of leaving it on the table when family comes is brilliant. And there is a really good short story in it. If it were at my family reunion I would flag a few pages--hoping those who should read them, would read them...

...and we would need the psychologial disorders companion volume.