Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JOHN GREEN/Paper Towns

so i stayed up until 2am on saturday night
to finish paper towns by john green. i
couldn't put it down. i started reading at 9.30pm.
put simply, the story is about a boy named quentin
who has had a crush on margo since he was ten.
by high school, margo is a popular girl and quentin

is the type to hang out with the band peeps.

everything changes the night margo shows up
at his bedroom window at midnight dressed
as a ninja seeking his aid for some non-lawful tasks.

what amazed me about green's writing : his voice
and humor, his dialogue, all his characters, who
are very real and very much alive. he also made
me feel many things while reading this story : concern,
dread, curiosity, amusement, joy, sorrow. and i didn't
feel manipulated. (i hate feeling emotionally manipulated!)

and no, i wouldn't say it's a dystopian tale.
but i always have to look up that word no
matter how many times i've seen the definition. ha!
the story definitely carries a theme, but it's more
about how we often fail to truly see one another,
therefore, to truly know one another.
some deep and philosophical stuff in the
novel--which i loved. it was all handled so well--
no wonder green won the printz. i can't wait
to read his other books!

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