Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An "Almost Single" perspective by Advaita Kala

Almost Single by Advaita Kala is an Indianised version of Bridget Jones Diary - complete with addicted to drinks and ciggies, and grandma panty-adorned female protoganist. Most of the story is cliched - a divorcee, a sexy-clever girlfriend, gay companions, a handsome man, high society women, a typical mamma, an irritating boss, extra-marital affairs, blind dates, pub and disc life, lecherous men,, peppered with Indian festivals, nosy neighbors, vegetable purchases, saints and sadhvi's, horoscopes and matrimonial websites - everything and anything that is a part of a woman (a single woman's) mundane existence.

So, why read this book, if we know it all, and have been there and done that! Well, there are two reasons to read this book - 1. For the humor in the writing, and 2. For a sense of empathy for those who are single, and of sympathy from those who were once upon a time single. Its typical Indian Bollywood fare, this book ... and there are no prizes for guessing the end of this book! One thing evident about this book is that it is for a niche audience - the metrosexual, payging guest young junta of the urbane setup in India. For a debut novel, its a good attempt and for what I have read on the author's blog there is another book in the offing.

Its a quick, bus-ride or bed-time read. Read an excerpt.

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