Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All Megan wants is to work at a top New York magazine, but when she can't get her dream job right out of college, she finds another way to pay off her student loans--tutor twins Sage and Rose Baker, notorious for being rich, wild, and more than a little dumb. If she can help them get into Duke, their grandmother will take care of Megan's financial woes and then some. After meeting the catty and less-than-academic twins, Megan doesn't think she has a chance on earning her paycheck. But she has another plan up her sleeve--write an expose on the rich and shallow.

The book's theme of turning into the very thing you scorn isn't exactly original, and the plot is somewhat predictable, but both Megan and the twins are well-fleshed out characters. Megan's transformation from geeky tutor to Palm Beach hottie is fun to follow, but the ending was a bit over-the-top, in my opinion. Overall, it was a fun read.

This novel is the basis for the new CW show "Privileged," which seems to be aimed at teens, but this novel is maybe a bit too sexy for that age group.


ChrisEldin said...

This is an interesting review, but the cover and title are a complete turnoff for me.

Cheryl said...

The cover is a little crazy. If it turns you off, my guess is you probably won't like the book.