Monday, August 4, 2008


"Do you know how devil tortures souls in hell?" Carl Jung's uncle once asked him. "He keeps them waiting"

Waiting for Godot is a play where the characters undergo the same feeling. the characters Vladmir and Eastrogen wait for some Godot, who never arrives. It is a play with minimal characters and no action, plot or setting. you are left waiting for something to happen in the play and it doesn't happen.

you might end up regretting having wasted one good hour at something so silly and meaningless. but wait. this is exactly the feeling the play aims to communicate.

waiting for Godot belongs to Theatre of Absurd, a genre that is applied to works of art that have in common the sense that human condition is essentially and ineradicably absurd. it is the representation of meaninglessness of life where we are subjects to the sheer contingency of our world. such plays draw are in constant wait for something which may or may not happen. such plays draw material from philosophical ideologies like Existentialism, Nihilism.

but who is Godot? how Vladmir and Eastrogen know him? how do they communicate with him? does he really exist? these are questions that are left unresolved. once the director of the play Waiting for Godot asked Beckett who did he think Godot is? Beckett simply said "i would have shown it if i knew". the answer is intriguing and so are all the interpretations that have come of it.

the play is meaningless, absurd, complex and a difficult read. like Vladmir and Eastrogen you find yourself trapped in the plethora of possibilities, what could that mean? why this and not that? why don't the two leave the place and go? you'll often see yourself asking. but to look for meaning in Beckett's absurd universe is to misunderstand it. it can solve and explain nothing, it only describes and experience. the play, like the absurd universe is not meant to be apprehended.

the best part of the play is its prose. filled with monologues, cliches, double entendre, can have a good laugh. the language seems unwanted, unable to carry any sort of communication, it is simply there.

read it at your own risk. but before that do care for a review.

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