Sunday, July 27, 2008

Patrick Rothfuss / The Name of the Wind

This is a book that I could not put down. Excellent / Well written / Fantasy / Literature. The story kept on calling to me such that I spend a couple of days ignoring all the other things that I am supposed to be doing in life. This is the first book from Patrick Rothfuss, and it has complex characters and a lot of twists in the story. When you start to get settled into the story, all nice and cozy, something unexpected happens and you are off in another direction.

The main character is an adventurer, Kvothe, now retired and settled down as an inn keeper. The book takes place in one day, where Kvothe is telling his life story to a scribe / bard / historian. It turns out that his life started fairly normally, as a child in a travelling entertaining troupe, if that can be normal, but becomes twisted and dark as Kvothe struggles to first survive, and then learn and grow. Somewhere along the way he becomes a famous musician and feared wizard.

Interestingly, the story switches between the present and past, with separate stories slowly being weaved together. Strange things are happening in the present, and over the course of the book you start to realize why and how they are shaped from his past. You also realize that not everybody is who / what they seem on the surface.

Of course I did not realize that it was part of a series until most of the way through the book. At some point it sunk in that there was no way that it could end in the remaining number of pages. (A little over 700). After some investigation, I now understand that there will be three books (what else?), that all three are written, and that they will be released one year apart. I will read the following two books when they are available. The next release is in April 2009. I just hope that they are not just putting this out for us poor readers. What usually happens is that the one year becomes three or four and I forget so much of the story that I am always struggling whether I need to reread the story just prior to the next release. What I need to do is wait until the whole thing is out in paperback, and then I can read it all in one binge. Why is it is so hard to wait?

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Chad Aaron Sayban said...

This book sounds really interesting. Thanks for the review.