Monday, May 12, 2008

Pamela Morsi/DOING GOOD

Jane Lofton is a society wife, focused on liposuction and plastic surgery and ignoring her husband's affairs and her teenage daughter's alienation. Out for a drive, Jane is nearly hit by a truck and is trapped in her burning car. Struggling to get out, she promises she will "do good" if her life is saved. An elderly man from the nearby nursing home saves her, and Jane attempts to determine exactly what "doing good" means.

The pace of this book lurches a bit, with occasional bogging down into excessive detail. I particularly became tired of the daughter in short order; this may have been the point but I didn't find her a sympathetic character with her constant complaints about her terrible life (which didn't sound so bad). Jane's journey to being less self-absorbed generally worked well although for someone so status-conscious she was certainly able to let go of those concerns quickly.

My biggest problem was the elderly rescuer. Chester was a great character and I loved reading about him, but I just couldn't buy that he'd saved her given his physical condition. I mostly managed to put that aside, and I did enjoy this book more than most of my recent reads, but every so often I'd think, "There's no way he could have pulled her from the car" and it popped me out of the story.

Still, when I WAS able to put that aside, the book was a light but enjoyable read, with some interesting (and non-preachy) discussion about what it really means to be a good person.

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