Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dennis Lehane/GONE BABY GONE

This story is about two Boston detectives who try to help an aunt find a missing girl.

The story sucks. Where should I begin? Okay, with the premise. I think anyone can write a suitable story about a little girl who has gone missing. Unless the writing has other layers, it's a cheap prop.

The two private detectives have an ongoing affair. (yawn)

The main police detective is divorced, trying to quit smoking, and has his own tragedy involving his daughter. (yawn)

There's a point in the middle of the book where they discover a ransom note. The note says that 4 people must meet in quarry and exchange money for the girl. Four? Silly and obviously a setup, which it was. The entire plot felt obvious and predictable.

Every time Lehane introduces a character, he stops the flow of his writing. For example (I'm making this up for illustration purposes):


"Are you going to kill me or what?" the suspect asked.

The suspect was wearing green khaki pants and a matching t-shirt that looked like it had seen better times. The suspect's hair was brown and had a slight wave to it. The wave curved gently around his ears. His whole family had wavy hair. They must've spent a fortune on hair conditioner.

"No, we're not going to kill you," answered the police officer.


And the girl? Do you really think in such a predictable book that anything bad happened to her?

Spoiler Alert.

She was staying with the unit chief's wife. They live an hour outside of Boston. Did the good chief get no visitors at all while this massive manhunt was on? Was there no press staking out his place?

I would rate this sucky, but Moonrat doesn't have that label listed.
Maybe the movie was better? I love Ben Affleck.

(The next book I will review will be "The Tenth Circle" which is also about a child. But this book is superb and (to me) flawless).


angelle said...

Jodi Picoult's 10th Circle? Because I hated that book and that's what turned me away from Picoult forever....

Hmm I wonder if this movie was any good.

ChristineEldin said...

OMG! You hated it?
I will post later, but I'm very curious. I loved it.
But what about GBG? Did you read it?

angelle said...

no haven't read GBG, though now thanks to your post, i won't bother wasting my time :)

hehe i'll wait for you to post about 10th circle and see what you have to say and then i shall respond :)

Lisa said...

I suspect this is one of those few situations where a crappy book was adapted to a pretty decent movie. The movie was really quite disturbing and had a great cast.