Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Blind Assassin :: Margaret Atwood

This book's got everything - sprawling family/childhood saga, sci-fi, romance, book within a book, mysterious deaths, and newspaper clippings.

It took me a little bit to get into, and a lot of the first third of the book is spent wondering, "Okayyyy.... so how does this come together and what's the point of this book?" But get into it, and it's rich and wonderful. Her writing is impeccable and the pieces coming together is so much fun, you're sad it's over. Towards the end, I was positively speeding through, wanting to see how it hung together.

Okay, so unlike my own blog, I won't ruin this for anybody. Just read it. It's AWESOME.


cyn said...

i did my literary critical analysis back in high school on atwood. after reading the handmaid's tale, of course. (which really is a sci fi book.) but i found it hard to get into her stories. then again, i was all of a teen. i may have to give her another go. thanks for the review!

bookfraud said...

i thought "the blind assassin" was amazing, almost a masterpiece. the book within a book within a book -- brilliant. and atwood completely nailed the voice of the older narrator with (her usual) wit and grace.

if this sounds like gushing, it is; atwood is one of my favorite writers. i've never read a book of hers i didn't like (and i've read six of them).