Sunday, January 6, 2008

Middlesex | Jeffrey Eugenides

Because I have a bunch of books to write about here, I'm going to zip through the following reviews. If you want a little bit more depth, I've also written on all of these on my own blog.

First up, Middlesex. I thought it was a really good book, fresh in concept -- who would think to intertwine the idea of intersex with a Greek family saga? It's engaging, well-written, creative. The first person narrator also happens to be omniscient, which threw me off at first, but I ultimately bought because of the fresh voice of the narrator. The scenes are rendered well -- as if we were watching it on a screen as opposed to reading on a page, making everything very alive. And ultimately, we care about what happens in the family. We care about how everything happens so that the narrator becomes what he is. It is sprawling, but a unique view of what it means to become American. It really is a very good book, although I guess it didn't click with me personally as much as other books do. Which is the primary reason why this book gets a good and not a great rating. Personal taste, even though it was an enjoyable read.

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