Monday, December 10, 2007

Behind the Curtain--Peter Abrahams

This is the second book in the Echo Falls YA mystery series, which is about a young teen named Ingrid who solves crimes in her city with inspiration from her hero, Sherlock Holmes. Ingrid is also an actress, so each book's themes revolve around a play. This book features the Wizard of Oz, and it reflects Ingrid's doubts about what is fact and what is just all in a teen sleuth's head.

In this story, Ingrid uncovers a steroid ring but is afraid to go to the police because her own brother, a star football player at the local high school, is one of the buyers. So of course she must nab the bad guys herself.

What I love about this series is the characters. Abrahams does a great job of making every character interesting and all the main characters likeable, especially Ingrid. Who couldn't love a girl whose hero is Sherlock Holmes? I adore the bus driver, who is always saying "Zip it, kid!" and the soccer coach, who is forever shouting cryptic advice to his confused players, things like: "Use all four dimensions!"

At times, Abraham's "hip" style gets on my nerves. I guess he's trying to show Ingrid's personality, but I just get annoyed sometimes. For example, he's always using the phrase "essence of." Like if Ingrid takes a drink of Fresca, she'll think, Refreshment, essence of. I try not to let it get to me, though, because the books are so enjoyable otherwise.

But why oh why does Abrahams have to write so slowly? I know he also writes mysteries for adults, but it seems like I have to sit through very long stretches to get my next Echo Falls fix.


cyn said...

a nancy drew for our generation? sounds fun! i love the revolve around a play theme. but the essence of of thing? haha! oh dear.

Anonymous said...

I love this book!!! I read "Down the Rabbit Hole" too. They are both really good books

Hyperkiller said...

Iv been reading Botb "Down The Rabbit Hole & Behind The Curtain" i was hooked from the first minuite i saw the books! i want to find out if joey asks ingrid on a date because its really obvious that he likes her!

xxhugsandkissesxx said...

OMG! I Loved Both Books! I Can't Wait For Ingrids Third Adventure, If There Is One!

Cheryl said...

There ARE three books now. I'm having a hard time waiting for the fourth.

Anonymous said...

I love Ingrid and how smart she is. I loved down the rabbit hole a lot probably more than behind the curtain it was more dramatic but still Behind the curtain was very amazing.