Saturday, November 10, 2007

Here They Come by Yannick Murphy

This book is a big pretty poem about the splendor of our small and smelly world. It takes place in the seventies. It is narrated by a thirteen year old girl. It is about nothing happening in a staggerinly beautiful way. It is one of those books with no plot that is stil bad-ass (people who call this impossible, remember: Catcher in the Rye...duh!) I don't know what to'll read it or you won't, but if you're the kind of person who would give it a chance, you're probably the kind of person who would be invigorated by what it shows us about the possiblity to find, however tainted, magic in everything that we deal with all day in the mundane world. Yannick Murphy likes to tell her students to "put [their] stink on the page. Perhaps that's the best way to explain what this book is all about.

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