Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Z for Zachariah was written by Robert C. O'Brien, who is most known for writing Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIMH. But apparently he died before finishing Zachariah, and his wife and daughter wrote the last few chapters from his notes.

The story follows a girl, Ann, who thinks she is the last human alive after a war devastates everything beyond her small valley. But then a man appears. Ann isn't sure whether to trust him at first, but when he succumbs to radiation sickness, she takes care of him. Once he's better, Ann realizes that maybe she would have been better off alone after all; the man turns controlling and may have suffered too much during the war to have kept his sanity.

This story is so taut and fast-moving that once I sat down with it today (having started it yesterday) I had to read to the end. At the same time, it wasn't so scary that I couldn't take it (I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to scary stuff). The title, which I thought was a bit strange, refers to a picture book Ann remembers reading when she was little, which started off with "A for Adam" and ended with "Z for Zachariah." Ann figured since Adam was the first man, Zachariah must be the last.
Fast, easy read. Great ending. Taut without being too scary.


DaBookLady said...

I love edge of the seat books and haven't read a good one lately, been reading some pop books but this one has caught my eye, will be putting it on my "Wish List" thanks for the insight

cyn said...

i don't usually read this genre, but it looks interesting. thanks for the great review!

Church Lady said...

Oh my God!!! I think I can safely say this here, because we're not truly on the open internet.

My first son is Adam, and my second is Zachariah (yes, with the 'h'). And I always tell people A is for the first and Z is for the last. (had my tubes tied--no more).

Wow. Now I will definitely need to read this book!!!

So glad I saw this!

Anonymous said...

I loved this book but I wish he hadn't died before finishing it, I desperately NEED there to be a sequel!

Anonymous said...

This is the first book my middle school daughter actually WANTED to read and keep reading. She says she already misses the character "ANN" and wishes there was more.

bizian said...

i agree with the anonymous poster above me. He definetely has enough with zfz to make a sequal or trilodgy!

sry for the typos!