Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Prep :: Curtis Sittenfeld

I read this book on the recommendation of a coworker, about a girl who goes to boarding school for high school. Initially I thought the book had promise in its premise. But no. It's just year to year of vignettes that never culminate in any bigger transformation for me. It's unfortunate because I think some of what was going on was actually kind of interesting, it's just that the protagonist was so irritating and awkward and wallowing that I wanted to smack her. I really wished she'd get out of the way. So ultimately, a failed novel for me.


moonrat said...

it's funny--everyone i've talked to has said roughly that, and yet it was a bestseller for ages.

Cheryl said...

For real. The stories are interesting only in that the fastidious details create a very real world.

But the protagonist is sooo lame. In fact, I hate her. She is so amazingly passive.

And the whole book culminates... well, it doesn't culminate. I hated the protag even more because of the way she finished out her time at prep school.

Anonymous said...

that's the point, though. the whole book is about a girl who is awkward and painfully self-conscious, and everyone dislikes her for it, which only makes her more awkward and painfully self-conscious. It's a book about that vicious cycle, about how it feels. Annoying as Lee is, she's certainly real. We all know someone like her. Sittenfeld has finally given her a voice.