Monday, October 8, 2007

just an intro

hi, i'm cindy.
moonrat extended a gracious
invite to your community and
i'm thrilled to be here!

i'm an avid reader and a writer.
i wrote a lot of love sick poetry
as a teen and short stories, and
am working on finishing the final
draft of my first novel.

i stopped reading and writing through
most of my twenties (college, marriage,
grad school). and i'm so glad to discover
my first loves again.

i was born in taiwan and came
here at the age of six. the esl
(english as a second language)
experience is deeply ingrained within me.
sure, i sound like a cali girl,
but i often think i see english in
a different way due to my esl

i'm currently reading a biography
on the novelist and philosopher,
iris mudoch by a. n. wilson.


Lisa said...

I read everything posted here and read a lot of books that I'm too lazy to review. I intend to get better!

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

cyn said...

lisa, you are a voracious reader for sure!!! =) and it sounds like quite open minded and extensive in what you read.

moonrat said...

i wish i could get more reading done. recently, i'm about a third of the way through five different books, so i've been "cheating" and back-posting on things i read a long time ago.

i think that's fair enough, don't you guys? i think the more reviews, the better.

it's really exciting to have new, energetic readers...

Lisa said...

I think that's totally fair! Whether you finished it today or five years ago, each book left an impression, right?