Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dean Koontz/ THE HUSBAND

I have read one other Dean Koontz book and I enjoyed it quite a bit. But this one blew me away. As a writer, I'm always looking for the hook and this one has a fascinating hook. Regular guy has his wife kidnapped for a completely unreasonable ransom. What is he willing to do to get it? Mitchel Rafferty is a landscaper in California. He owns his own business, but it's hardly big time. When he gets a call that his wife has been kidnapped and they want two million dollars in less than two days he thinks it a joke. But when he hears her scream in pain and the kidnappers kill a man right in front of him to prove their point, Mitchel believes. For the rest of the book he must jump through the kidnappers' hoops trying to meet their demands and get his wife back. This book never took the path I thought it was going to and although there was one twist that was just a little hard to swallow, there was enough psychotic history that I gave the author the benefit of the doubt. I raced through this book in one day despite it being 400 pages (Exactly) and me having three children four and under. Trust me, a Herculean feat.:) If you haven't read this author before, I think this is a great book to start with. I'd rate this an "Edge of Your Seat" read.


Leigh Russell said...

Do you read crime fiction?

Michael said...

Dean Koontz is one of my favorites. He's an excellent writer. Not only are his stories great, but his prose is so well-written it's breathtaking. Where other writers might ignore some grammar rules for effect, Koontz sticks with them without diminishing the effect at all.

Of course, this one doesn't sound weird enough for me. I like the work he does with supernatural elements or scientific anomalies the best.