Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A novella about the Queen of England, who at age 74 accidentally discovers, to the chagrin of her family and advisors, that she loves to read. Various droll consequences ensue.

There's not a lot to say, because this book is such a quick read. Bennett is always clever and there are some particularly exciting terms of phrase. A modern reader may or may not get excited or upset by the Queen's reading list, which is heavily weighted in the direction of British authors and old-school Western European classics. So I guess the verdict is old-school but rather fun.


cyn said...

i'm confused. is this based on truth? or just made up about the queen reading? what a strange premise?

moonrat said...

yeah, it's pure fiction. it's just a novella about how in her old age the queen starts to love to read and reading takes over her life and relegates state affairs to secondary priority. that's all. that's the whole thing.