Monday, September 17, 2007


History of Starbucks and a "year in the life" of its stock. I could tell that Blumenthal knew what she was talking about when it came to the money stuff - but she tried too hard to dumb it down. Most people who read this book probably already know something about business; it's not "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or any of that nonsense, and didn't need to play to the lowest common denominator as much as she did.

Regardless, Blumenthal basically comes across as a Starbucks cheerleader - I wonder if Starbucks got approval over her draft or something. Anyway. Eh. Plus, the title annoys me.

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moonrat said...

Hahaha. Then why did you pick it up, I wonder?

The problem with contemporary nonfiction is how litigious all these dumb Americans are. Starbucks probably got a hold of her pre-pub manuscript and threatened to sue the pants off her. Sigh.