Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Japan, 1948: A coastal village girl makes her living by diving for pearls. Her life abruptly takes a very different course when, at age 19, she learns that she has a mild case pof leprosy and she is "evacuated" to a community for her new people. The story follows her through her life in the leper colony over the subsequent decades.

I love this book. Not only is it beautifully written and an interesting story, but it's an utterly unexpected topic. The story takes place in Japan and Talarigo is sensitive to and observant of cultural mannerisms, but this isn't about the war or the bomb or geisha.

I also think this is an extraordinary example of effective cover art. I actually bought this book because I liked the cover art--it just happened to also be a good read.

I'm excited now because his next book is coming out in Spring 08.

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