Friday, August 3, 2007

Stephen L. Carter/The Emperor of Ocean Park

Excellent beach read.


angelle said...

i've blogged about this book on my blog a couple of times. i haven't read it myself, but my mom raved about it, and stephen l. carter's been getting rave reviews for his new book, new england white. so i think i'll have to pick this up soon.

Rose said...

Yeah, I actually picked this up because of New England White - I was in some airport and didn't want to spend the money on a hardcover, but had heard great things about Carter.

I felt like it was good, but he could have cut out about 75 - 100 pages...but then again, I feel that way about most books.

vivian said...

If you try reading this at the beach, you'll end up being a french's a loooooong one. I liked it, though; more to it than the usual whodunit.