Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chris Bohjalian/The Double Bind

I started out *really* enjoying this one. There are Gatsby references, it was funny, and (at that point, most importantly) I could read it on the noisy 100-degree train without too much effort.
Which, I suppose, should have been a sign.
You know, I remember reading "Midwives" by Bohjalian (pre-it-being-part-of-Oprah's-book-club-thank-you-very-much) and loving it. Of course, I just looked that up - the Oprah's version was published in 1998. Almost 10 years ago. Which could account for why I enjoyed it.
Anyway, basically, girl gets attacked/raped/etc., and goes crazy. She reassembles her life, but of course, she's still crazy. Don't waste your time. Although I may waste my time and re-read "Midwives" to see how I feel about it 10 years later. In a few months, after I get over being annoyed with this book.

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